New Zealands best bookmakers

How Experts rank New Zealands’ best bookmakers in 2021

The island country of New Zealand has taken to the world of online sports and with a huge sports interest in various different games such as rugby, football, and cricket it is not surprising that this has great appeal to New Zealanders and has gained great attention.

Betting Site has a team that consists of seasoned individuals and master bettors that know how to get you results. 

What is a Bookie?

If you are new to the world of online betting then it may be a good idea to get familiar with some of the key aspects involved. A bookie, or bookmaker, is a professional gaming body that offers you an opportunity to win money by betting on sports events. 

The main goal of betting on these sites is that the probabilities surrounding a sports event are used to determine an odds value on which you place your stake bet. 

With the steady rise of this trend, experts have stepped in to rank the best bookmakers of New Zealand and they have explained how they review the best sport betting sites in 2021:


A bookmakers’ reputation tends to precede itself and by being transparent you will easily find recommendation lists that are widely popular in New Zealand and experts have checked user opinions online and have ranked the portals accordingly. The general consensus is that if a bookie is not trustworthy or reputable, then they do not qualify to be classified amongst those that are top-performing, ethical sport betting sites.

Number of Markets

One of the most important aspects of every New Zealand sports betting portal is the number of markets and sports to bet on. The designated team of experts has guaranteed that the bookies on the top sport betting sites list feature dozens of betting markets which would include fixed (pre-match) and live betting markets and odds.   


A factor that many New Zealand bettors don’t always take into consideration is licensing. With many online sites out to scam their clients, it is crucial to protect your personal information and finances, which will only properly be regulated by New Zealands’ online betting portals. The correct and valid licenses you should look for are M.G.A and U.K.G.C.

Payment Options 

A digital account online requires each participant to use their own funds, therefore a safe and secure method to complete the process is vital. A variety of secure options of payment are available with the top betting sites listed, which supports credit/debit card transactions, e-wallets, and includes all types of bank transfers. 


Most of New Zealands’ online sport betting sites make use of secure SSL encryption in order to protect your data as a user. All sites recommended by are secured with functional and sophisticated systems that will ensure your data is never leaked.

Other Factors Reviewed by Experts

The ease of the site along with bonuses, promotions, and the overall mobile experience are all elements to consider when choosing an online sports betting site. The quality of the website is yet another factor to consider since players will usually spend long hours on the site that they wish to open an account with. Experts will review and test these sites to make sure the quality of the design, which includes areas such as the page loading time, responsiveness, and insight. 

Another point that is also worth highlighting is the variety of sports to place bets on offered by the bookies. The range of betting markets available at each individual site plays an important role in classification – similar to the level of odds offered. Those sites which offer both top sports and those that aren’t quite as popular will be rewarded with a higher ranking. 

Customer service is arguably one of the most important aspects to consider when bookmakers are ranked, as it is vital that a representative of the online betting site is readily available to you should you need to get into contact with them. 

A filtered list of New Zealands’ betting sites has been created that you can trust and is therefore at your disposal since it has carefully been curated and recommended by experts. 

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