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Illustration 18 blackjack deviations

The system of card counting has grown significantly over the past few years. That’s why there are a great number of strategies that are developed as well as improved to meet the needs of every player at the table. Generally, this system is considered as much more advanced because they require more effort, time, and concentration.

As the casinos are full of distraction and pressure, this game can be very challenging and mind-blowing. There are so many benefits as well only if they are applied at the right condition and time. There is no doubt that these cards counting systems work well when they are combined with basic strategies. This is the way most player who doesn’t have basic knowledge about the should not learn these strategies.

Importance of basic strategies:

These basic strategies provide the player with the knowledge of how and when to bet by keeping an eye on the opponent’s up card and total cards in his hand. Counting the card gives the player some good information about the ratio between all the highest and lowest value cards. This in some cases requires the knowledge of basic strategies. That is why those basic strategies are so important.

This is the reason why the player should always be ready to make some changes according to the true count of the cards. It is the only way that one will be able to take advantage of its accuracy and efficiency.

Anyways, a player should know that they have to change their bet according to the situation they are facing. This is the only way that they can make something out of the game.

What is the Illustrious 18?

If you want to make the best bet and move according to the situation, there are some important things that the card counter should always keep in mind. You need to know the system you choose, despite the basic strategies. If you know the system, then you will be able to apply the basic strategies. Moreover, players should know how to use the true count because it will give them important information about the bets; whether you need to increase the bet or decrease it.

As we have mentioned before that there is some situation where the best bet and move is based on the true count and the index number. There are some variations called Illustration 18, they are the 18 best and extremely effective variation of some basic strategies. Illustration 18 was invented by Don Schlesinger.

Players can make so many variations on their every hand by making some changes in the basic strategies and taking the most valuable information that can be provided by the card counting system. This is the reason why Blackjack Illustration 18 is very popular among famous players. Moreover, the index number of the player’s chart is very important and if the players want to take the advantage of these variations, they will need to fully understand illustration 18.

How does Illustration 18 work?

The main purpose of the invention of illustration 18 was to improve the expected return of cash. It is dependent on the moves that a player makes. Just like other strategies, if you want to apply Illustration 18 at the right situation and time, you will have to take your required time and memorize the index number that is suggested by the moves of the chart and the particular situation they should be used in. These variations are the most important thing to remember because they give you information about how and when to apply them. They can give the player a good chance of winning the whole game.

By following this way, the player will be able to take something out of the system and he can apply the information in the best way. Players need to understand the fact that one single strategy and variation can play an important role in winning or losing the whole game. There is one important thing that should not be taken for granted is the number of decks involved in the game because they also require changing the strategy of the player at some time.

Things to keep in mind during the whole game:

You should remember that order to split against 5 or 6 can be an effective way to turn the game, but it can have some attention from the dealer and it can be a warning for the players too. They will know your strategy. To avoid this situation, you should not split.

A player should know that there are some strategies in illustration 18 that are based on negative count because sometimes the player can bet the minimum or not bet at all.

Insurance is one of the highest values to the player among all the strategies. When using the Hi-Lo System, you should employ this strategy variation, if your count is +3 or even higher for multi-deck games, +2.4 or higher for double-deck games, and +1.4 or higher for single-deck games. In case you give preference to this strategy variation only, then you could achieve about 33% of the profit. It can be squeezed from the whole Illustrious 18 set of variations.

Another key play in Illustrious 18 Blackjack is to stand on a 16 against the dealer’s 10 if you have a count of 0 or higher. The third crucial play in the set is to stand on a 15 against the dealer’s 10 if you have a count of +4 or higher. In case you give preference to these 3 strategy variations only, then you could achieve about 60% of the overall profit from the set. In case you use the first 12 variations from the set, you could achieve about 90% of the profit.

About the inventor of Illustration 18:

Don Schlesinger is a very successful author and mathematician and he is a member of the Blackjack hall of fame. His works have contributed so much to the game.

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